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The only other Jehovah witnesses currently alive today are one in the movie industry and another in popular music who have each publicly pledged to continue their support of Jehovah and the organization in the future. The Jehovahs Witness website also provides the following facts about members of the church. Over 100,000,000 Witnesses have left the organization since it was founded in the early 20th century. Jehovahs Witnesses have been involved in a wide range of domestic, global, and international controversies from their beginnings for over a century. SourcesWikipedia: Jehovahs WitnessesJehovahs Witnesses, Wikipedia, : A belief system founded in the 19th century by Charles Taze Russell, a New York attorney. Jehovahs Witnesses, Wikipedia, : Founder of the belief system which was later adopted by the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, U. Guns:AtheistJehovahs Witnesses, Wikipedia, : An American religious movement. Jehovahs Witnesses, Wikipedia, : A Christian denomination founded in the United States. Jehovahs Witnesses, Jehovahs Witnesses, : A Christian denomination that rejects mainstream Christian teachings and beliefs, as well as all of the gods and religions they reject. Atheist:An atheist or non-believer who is unconvinced of the existence of a god. Jehovahs Witnesses: Jehovahs Witnesses are a religious movement that is part of the Christian Christian movement which is a Protestant denomination.

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