January has created lots of natural movement and volume in her fine hair, …

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OnAhh, yes, the long and wavy blonde locks of Carol Burnett. These days she gets an extra coat of paint on a lot of her face to keep her looking fresh. All things considered, for a woman of a certain age, a lot of her hair is likely to look a little dull and dull-ish at best. Even the hair of younger women is not going to have the same lustre. The occasional teeny bopper in the 90s had some pretty wild hair but for the most part it was a uniform blond that was only slightly longer than a mans arm if not a little longer There are definitely styles and hair styles for women of all ages and all ethnic backgrounds and each has its own advantages. To some it might seem like fashion choices are a waste of time and money but I think its important to look at all of it. And if I had to only pick one, I think Id want to look like an older lady. There are very few ways to still show that you are in good health and that you are not in need of a good cut or trim. For example, the fact that my mother has very fine and long hair makes me think she is just as much a social creature as I am. She probably doesnt even recognize this fact since she has always done the fancy lady look when around men or people of higher social standing. But, I think, she probably knows that this is not the best look for a woman of my age and stature. Maybe its the age thing that bothers her more than the hair and maybe thats one of the reasons why she has allowed me to grow old with her. On the other hand, I could go with the cut and trim look, which is just fine by me as I am much too young to have to deal with my father having to deal with the job of looking after me. The thing is, my father and mother have been a perfect match and it really is not her fault that my hair is just as long as it is. I am much too young to make my own hair decisions so I know that it is my parents decision. Of course, sometimes you just dont fit in and even after finding your place in the community and the rest of your life has been a pleasant one, you may still wish to look a certain way to show that you are still respected. The hair and makeup look could be that look, not to mention the clothes in which it is worn. And on a personal note, I have always wondered about the relationship between being a wife, even a stay at home one, and looking your best. When you are with your husband is his appearance always what you expect it to be. Has he always been what his wife should see in him.

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