Jana Kramer Gets Honest About Crying in the Closet Amid Struggle to Accept Marriage End

Having pulled the plug on her troubled relationship with Mike Caussin, the ‘I Got the Boy’ singer shares with fans her progress on healing from the heartache.

AceShowbiz -Singer/actress Jana Kramer has resorted to crying in her closet as she struggles to come to terms with the collapse of her marriage.

The mother-of-two pulled the plug on her troubled relationship with former American footballer Mike Caussin last month (April 2021), amid allegations of his infidelity, five years after the couple split and almost divorced as he battled sex addiction issues.

Kramer has since been open with fans about trying to heal from the heartache, but on Wednesday, May 5, it appeared she needed to take a little time to herself as she posted a tearful selfie on Instagram.

“Apparently this too shall pass and good things are waiting….,” she captioned the image. “But in the meantime feel your feelings and cry in the closet if you have to. You’re not alone even though it feels like it.”

She subsequently shared an update on her Instagram Story timeline, telling followers, “OK, I peeled myself out of the closet and I’m gonna read one of my [self-help] books. Heartbreak ain’t easy, man [sic]!”

Kramer’s emotional selfie was posted two days after she broke down in tears on her “Whine Down” podcast, her first episode back following the news of her divorce, and compared her situation to “grieving”.

“My heart is, like, pounding,” Kramer said at the top of Monday’s show. “I didn’t want this. I think where I’m at is, I’m embarrassed that this is how it ended, and I feel like I let people down.”

“I’m the weakest I have ever been,” she added. “It goes in waves. I feel like I’m so in the middle of the grieving. The morning and the night are the hardest… I can’t sleep.”

Kramer is currently seeking primary custody of the couple’s two kids, five-year-old daughter Jolie and two-year-old son Jace.

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