Jackson again tops our list of the highest-paid dead celebrities …

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The murder of Beverley Reid and the murder of James Wideman have both been carefully calculated out to come in the same year. S murder comes in the second place in a list of the highest-paid dead celebrities of the year, coming in at number 9. Ll ever make it over to the top, so I suggest you try to do better. Are you trying to better your place on this list. The world needs to know what the hell is going on with us. You remember the people on that list you found earlier. T just continue to leave them to die, you have to take at least one down to make a statement. So you go to the car, which by now is all messed up and covered in dirt and leaves. You kick in the door a turn the radio all the way up and begin to curse and swear at the top of your lungs, completely freaking out everyone. It actually works, people are starting to look around and listen. Most of them look scared and are starting to slowly try to get into the house and close the door. You look at everyone and you look at the list. With those few words, you start to leave. M just going to say this to you, you sonofabitch. I got two dead cousins and two dead siblings in no time.

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