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Best of luck for your beauty and HUGELY HUGELY love. I think we have something very special here. I really loved the style that you sent me last week. You make my legs look so sexy. You were saying how the blog is so different to all other ones out there and how its your mission to spread the good word about your family and your life. I read your blog a few times and I am always reminded that I am a proud member of your cult. Amp;gt;I dont even think I could ever get myself to say something like that. So what on earth did you do just like you did for me. You sent me some hair products and a nice note and I got a little tipsy and messaged the wrong person. So I am going to send you something that is actually going to be helping me do what you sent me and that is something called a shaker. I saw and read all of those books that you made me read and they are all so inspiring for me and I want to just try them. Now I feel like I am in a spa, or maybe I am going to make some lemonade in your backyard.

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