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This postcard shows a group of people celebrating a birthday in 2019. It seems like everybody is having a good time. The last line reads: Some people enjoy the good times, but most people enjoy the good times. Is some people enjoying the good times in this photo. You dont think it is, so who is having the good time. Maybe I should start going less often. You run back into the living room. You head back to the living room, where the man is still standing there. She is not even using the toilet yet and he is already visibly having trouble controlling himself as he stares at you the whole time. Now you turn and walk to the back of the room. You have no idea why you are even moving, but something is driving you there. Oh, I just remembered, I have to leave and give the kids their baths now. He asks and runs after you to give you a hug. You embrace him and kiss him goodbye, but your mood changes when you pass by the bathtub. A few moments later, you see the woman in the tub looking at you.

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