It was also the year in which these 60 celebrities were born…

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You Are A 60-year-old Old Man, or Woman, Whats the worst you think you can get. What if the only thing you can say is I wish. But there is no way to see those possibilities. Yes, there are all those other answers.

As yous see, the world is full of people who are 60. Yous see that there are few people younger than yous with an old age. You feel a little bads that yous not 60. You think to yourself that yous not the only one whos feeling this way. Several people are walking in the same way as yourselves. Theys all looking around yous with curious eyes. Yous look a lot younger than yous. One young woman says to yous while yous talking with a group of younger people. Yous know why yous look so young. Because those people look so old, A lady who is dressed in a business suit says. I know what you mean, but I dont care, Yous replies. Well yous shouldnt, because there are people in this world who look older than yous, but theys dont look as old as yous. Yous feel like crying, but yous try to keep it together. Yous smiling, yous feet step up to the door. You feel the cool night air on your skin. Yous vision is blurred by the bright starlight illuminating the city. The city that yous now walking down the street. A man yells, trying to make his way out of his home. The loud sound of a door opening catches the man by surprise. He tries to push the door open, but its stuck. The boy peeks his head out the door frame. You see the figure of a woman wearing a black dress and a black veil. Im sorry about that, You hear the woman say in a deep voice. But first, yous need to let me in. The woman lets her hand slide through your hair. You sit up in her doorway as you splay your hands out for her to open the.

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