It has been an amazing year in entertainment and we have compiled our …

This article about Popular celebrities 2016

Youll be surprised by some of the names on this list and youll certainly be delighted to see the names you didnt even know were famous. Here are the 50 celebrities on the 2016 Forbes Celebrity 100 List, for the year 2016.

These celebrities have all generated an estimate of their gross commissions per view. Theyve also been nominated for a number of awards. And may Gods blessings be upon each and everyone of you, our wonderful President Donald J. You look up at the ceiling, and shake your finger at the room. I dont even read the New York Times anymore. They must think Im fucking stupid if I ever went to that paper in the first place. I dont care what anyone says, Im president. You stand up, and walk over to the door of the room, unlocking it. You let the door slam shut behind you, and turn around. With the power of a locomotive behind you, you punch the air, and roar with an uncontrollable rage. You continue walking towards the group in the conference table. Ill make you all pay for your sins. The group at the table, slowly look about themselves, as you approach. Im not going to let you people control this country. Im not going to let you keep all the money and all the good stuff the government gives you. All Im saying is, lets make America great again. Then, you reach out your hand, to slap each of their white faces. The faces of the five men drop, until only one remains, the chief. Ill pay your fine if you let me keep your money, he says, you greedy little white bastard. With that, he walks towards you, and punches you in the face, hard. You go down, and the group turns their backs on you, and you are forced to watch as they leave the room. Youre just glad, youve got their attention. You walk back over to the group, who are already walking away from you. I think you guys should have voted for Trump, you say. Ive gotta get back to my fight with those people over there.

Article about Popular celebrities 2016