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The podcasting world is about to get a lot bigger, and the world is about to discover a whole new world of podcast listeners. These are all things I have heard, and I couldnt be more excited about them. In fact, as someone who has listened to many of my favorite podcasts since the days of The Alan Smithee Show, and I love, love, love the Alan Smithee Show I am so excited to be able to share this with all of you. I am honored to be included with your favorite shows, in particular Serial because your favorites are your favorites. I am honored to be included with your favorite shows as an Indie and as a fellow podcaster, because we need to stand together against those who would restrict your free speech. I am honored to be included with podcasts that help other podcasters thrive, because I know they will do their part to help us win this battle, too. I am honored that you will listen to this podcast, because it is a tribute to you. And if you are a new listener, a new to podcasts listener, a to podcaster, or perhaps even a to those who have been podcasters and want to thank a show, writer or person for their contribution to the pod community, this is for you. As I mentioned on the first episode, I am an Independent podcaster. As a podcaster, I have had my shows on many different podcasts, but they all do a very good job of helping each other. As a podcaster, I have been at the forefront of the internet radio and podcasting revolution. As a podcaster, I know how difficult it is to make a living out of podcasting. As a podcaster, I have not been able to pay off my debts and I will never be able to pay off my debts. However, I have been able to do some things that will help raise money for charity, because that is what I am doing. And as a podcaster, I am proud to work on projects that help raise awareness for charities that work to support the causes I care about. As a podcaster, I hope that you will be able to support what I do. Because whatever you do to help will help so much. Thank you for hearing the voice of your favorite podcasters and listeners, and thank you for supporting their work.

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