Instead, they paved their own ways, often adopting a stage …

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Name: Johnny RyanStage: Johnny Rocket, aka. Jet Li, Real Name: Robert RyanBorn: 18-Jun-1931Hometown: Long Island, USAHeight: 6 ft. Build: Tall, slim buildPiercings: One pierced ear. Jt in capital T below his right eye. Brands: Johnny Rockets, Jet Li, Kung-Fu. Signs: Johnny Rockets logo on lower back, Johnny Rocket on left pant leg. Quote: If anyone else jumps with me, Im dead. Photo: Johnny Ryan Facebook at 4:07 PM on Tuesday, SeptemName: Johnny StrykerStage: Big DaddyReal Name: Michael StrykerBorn: 22-Oct-1922Hometown: New York, USAHeight: 6 ft. Two near the ears are in the shape of a heart, with the words Father in blue letters and the word God in red below him. Tattoo: A clenched fist with the number 4 in the center, with the name Johnny on the inside of the fist. Brands: Johnny Rockets, Johnny Stryker, Johnny Jet, Jet Li. Signs: Jet Li: The Legend on left sleeve, Johnny Jet on right sleeve. Photo: Johnny Stryker Facebook at 12:05 AM on Tuesday, SeptemName: Kevin FlynnStage: StuntmanReal Name: David FlynnBorn: 14-Oct-1928Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri, USAHeight: 5 ft. Build: AthleticPiercings: Two ear piercings to the right eye; one in each ear and one in the eyebrow. Tattoo: Two crossed lightning bolts on left ring finger. Brands: Johnny Rockets, Jet Li, Johnny Jet, Big Daddy, Jet Li.

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