Instead, its the introduction of a new character, Agathe, who, in Beauty and the …

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This is the kind of art that a writer of any kind could love. I am going to read this because I really like that Agathe is an enchantment. I know the movie is full of enchantments, and I dont think any of them are right, but I like that you chose a character from one of my favorite fairy tales. And now Im going to get to bed with the light on. Your favorite faeYour brother 3Belle33The best present 3Youll all remember me33Oh, thank you. Im so happy for your friend Belle and the rest of your friends. You just really caught me by surprise, I think I better go get some rest. Ill email all of you later to let you know what I think. Dont worry, we wont be needing all that much.

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