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Of course, you know the man has to pay you somehow. Maybe this is how you convince the man that he is right about you being worth less than a hunk of meat. The man sees that you are serious, and gives you some money, Oh hey, Im going to have to keep the receipt. He begins to leave, but you stop him, No, Im joking. I only had a couple of bucks in my pocket and I gave you the whole thing. And why the hell are you wearing a trench coat. He asks, a bit surprised by your response. You say I dont have any money to give you. You can hear the gears turning inside of this mans head. You didnt even think you had anything to prove to him, but you had just said you had no money and he was expecting you to give him your name and address. You see that he is looking directly at you. Look, Ive done my research, I know you arent a man of means, so I cant trust you to give me anything. He doesnt respond, choosing to let you continue. You pull out your business card, Here, I dont have any money to give you, but since you seem to be interested, I can put you in contact with someone who does, if you like. The man takes it and takes a quick look through the card. He looks up at you, his eyes are wide, he is surprised. He turns, and goes back to his booth, and you continue on your way. Several weeks go by, you keep receiving letters from this man asking you to meet him at a certain diner in the city, asking if you have any free time, and saying this person is someone that you should know. You are curious, so you are willing to do it, but you are unsure if you will be able to help him out. If you do decide to do the job, you figure you will need to make sure he isnt planning anything, though you also decide its not important. After all, he is the one who is trying to help you out, you should be able to trust him. And if hes lying, then he wont be able to help you out anyway. You meet himYou decide to meet him tomorrow, then after you have made sure he isnt planning anything. After school, you decide to wait until after it ends. It hasnt been that long since you started going to the restaurant, but you are really looking forward to meeting him.

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