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With Jane Fonda and James Earl Jones are INFJs. The music they make is often reflective, emotional, and inspiring. Other famous INFJs are: Eleanor Roosevelt, Hazel Gaughan, Richard Branson, Jack London and John Lennon. The INFP actress Hazel Gaughan is also an INFP. The INFP celebrities Jack London Jeffrey Archer William Gasson Frank Zappa. They dont like to talk much; they prefer to live silently. They are naturally drawn to the things which speak to them. Theyre comfortable in their own worlds; they dont want to bother others. In many ways, they are like Socrates, looking at the world with an open mind, but holding to a rational philosophy that can make sense of how things work. Like Socrates, they have a quiet, philosophical spirit that can be deeply felt. Like Socrates, they have an artistic side, but the INFP is more likely to draw on music, art or literature to express their own thoughts rather than the written word. Like Socrates, the INFP tends to be a loner; therefore, they prefer to live alone. Theyre like the cavemen, looking for the truth and finding it inside themselves.

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