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He s claims that the entire world will be looking at Washington and D. He s already made a few phone calls to the heads of several of the major music stars. The head of the rock stars is even considering going. Some of the more famous musicians will be in attendance as well. Trumps campaign slogan was Make America Great Again. His election campaign slogan was Make America Great. In a recent poll a whopping 93 of all Americans thought that America was Great. The lyrics to that song state:My baby, my shining city on a hill. My other half, can you see. Our land has never been quite so free. We dont stop till weve won. The new president- elect is the most controversial figure in the history of the United States of America. His rhetoric has been labeled by the media as racist, xenophobic and sexist. Yet most of those who have watched his campaign events have been forced to admit that they have felt nothing but admiration for him. Thats why we need to do what we can to make certain his presidency is a success. We are calling on all citizens who are able to do so to leave their homes and attend one of the upcoming marches, rallies and protests, if they can. Also, we are asking that if you are able to, to organize one or more of these events.

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