In the run-up to his 2016 presidential election, Trump …

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T feel a sense of obligation to support a candidate whom most on the left find repulsive. A person whose positions on some of the most important issues facing the country are questionable at best. S a success, as have been many of the people running as the voice of the people, and his rhetoric is often controversial and not always correct. S not going to suddenly become the most popular person on the planet overnight. T especially like on one hand, then having to put up with their nonsense on the other. Her ideas on nationalizing or creating a single payer health care system are not the solutions. Ve been able to live very comfortably. Ve actually made better life choices than some on the left. You vote based on your own values, not because of whether or not the candidate in office is going to go along with your lifestyle. As an individual, you believe in freedom of speech and freedom to do as you please. You just tend to be the most tolerant about your views. I believe Donald Trump is going to make America great again. Re at the grocery store getting some groceries when two young men start shouting at you. The man who is shouting gets in your face and shoves him to the ground, causing him to spit out some of his juice.

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