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He is the embodiment of all that is Greed, and he is the embodiment of everything Wrong with the world. The Beast is a parody of Freddy Krueger and his love of tea. The name comes from the Beasts of Burden cartoons where they are the ones dragging the tea pots and buckets over the cliff. This tea set comes with a large teapot to hold the tea and a spout to place the pot directly on the heating element to burn the entire set. The Teapots design is based off of several different images, mainly those belonging to animals. This set comes with a picture frame to display the set. There are also an image of a tea pot with the Beast, or what I believe to be the image of the Beast, and the words Beast Live Action Enchanted Tea Set. There is also an image of a tea kettle with the Beasts image over it and the same spout it comes with. I hope you all enjoy this set, and if you have any requests, comments, complaints or want me to draw anything else, just send me a message. Is a character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is a young woman from Dendrins service who is married to Gilbert, a knight in House Tolen. Her only real skill is using magic to aid her husband.

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