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I can barely stay in the house myself at times. You go to the doctorIm not going to the doctor, Im going to see a doctor. Ill go to see a doctor, whatever it takesMy heart is beating fastEvery time I see the sunI feel like turning my whole body to ash. I only had one serious criticism of the film, and it didnt make a difference in the end. There just wasnt time in the editing room for me to say anything. As I walked out of the theater, this is the last thing I thought of. Not as impressive as some might expect for a genre film, but then Im not really watching a superhero movie, or a sci-fi movie. What this movie has that many other genre films dont have, is a clear target audience. Movies that are targeted towards the family audience arent usually known for being the most entertaining, and I think this movie proves that. I feel as if this movie is aimed at the target audience that many film critics tend to be. The target audience that needs something to look up to, to be inspired to learn something, to be entertained. If you arent in that demographic, then you may not feel as if you are being inspired, or amused, you may feel as if you are just being told the story on the side. This was one of my first major theatrical experiences. I saw it in the theater at the Cineplex Odeon in my town, one of the first times. It probably wasnt the most exciting movie Ive seen, but it felt genuine to me.

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