In every young womans heart lies a beauty diary, a collection of …

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You think about your life so far. You put on your favorite jewelry and put all of them on. The one on your right should fit you well as it is made of silver. You feel a bit self-conscious putting your necklaces on. A necklace of a red crescent moon and a silver star on each side on a red gold crescent moon and a gold star on a red gold background is obviously rather out of the ordinary, but it fits you perfectly, your hair matches the necklace and your lips match the red gold crescent moon. You look around and find that there are no mirrors up here in the tower. There is a wall where mirrors used to go, but it looks like it was cracked recently. You dont see one up here, so you need to find an exit. You head over to the right side of the tower and try the left wall. It doesnt look like there is a mirror here, so you head back over to the right again and then go through the same door you came through two days ago. You find yourself in a room with some fancy woodwork and a lot of candles lighting up the area. A door at the end of the room leads out into the candlelight, but you cant quite see where the door leads. Then you remember that it leads into a corridor. You open the door and see that it leads into a corridor. You can see that this is a room for servants, though. You can see four more servants rooms up ahead in this corridor, all with curtains hanging open. You go to the four roomsYou decide that its a good idea to go to those rooms. You open the curtains and you see that they are indeed all the same size. You follow the floor to the end of the corridor and you find that it leads into the fourth room of the four. You head through the curtains and into the room. The ceiling of the room is high, so you have to crane your neck to get to a candle at the base of an old end table. The candlelight in the room is so bright that you have to put your right hand to cover your eyes. A man sits in a chairs in the middle of the room, his back to you. He appears to be cleaning his sword on a nearby table, though he is not even turning his head. You go to the fireplaceYou decide that its a good idea to just go to the fireplace. You open the curtains and walk through them. You see that they go to a fireplace in a corner of the room.

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