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It was a quiet Monday afternoon in Las Vegas when Skycap News sent its first email and we had just spent the day on the Strip when we saw what looked to be a new billboard on the Strip. The Skycap News crew, like most other news reporters working in Las Vegas, was just getting over being the only one on the Strip with an actual job to do when they realized that there was a new billboard up. Could be a new radio station, another said. After a quick search of nearby billboards, a couple of the reporters found a flyer for the new Skycap station, which is located just south of the Strip between Flamingo and Sahara. This has gotta be a joke, one of the team members finally said. Are they going to replace all the commercial Skycaps on the Strip with this new station. Thats pretty stupid since thats what made Skycap a successful station in the first place. Im not so sure about that, another team member said. I mean at least we still have the Skycap we had when we were working the Cosmopolitan last night. The station is getting pretty crowded right now, but I think the team are going to make the best of it. But I doubt if anyone is going to be able to make it through all their ads. By the time we finished that team was on its way to the new Skycap radio station. By the time we arrived at the new Skycap radio station our group consisted of seven people including myself. Two of the Skycap News reporters were driving while the rest of the team members split up and went into the building to go up to the offices of the new Skycap station. When the team finally reached the Skycap offices, one of the former Skycaps who had not left his parking spot all day came out of the building and greeted them. Were just here about the billboard, one of the team members said. Well I guess youll be seeing us around the Strip. Now this was a good sign, I thought you guys were going to move. Anyway, lets just get to our hotel. I was just telling one of my friends about how the entire time we were in the office you guys were talking about your radio station. Then we saw that you had put up a new Skycap billboard and I gave you guys a big tip for letting us put a new one up.

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