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Lip Tangle is the only product that is not a favorite of mine. T have any issues with it because I do not love the smell, I feel it goes on too heavy and my face feels tight after applying it. Overall, all the products were of high quality and I am very pleased with my purchase with Juicy. I will definitely be checking them out when I run out of products on my current order. Mallory xxxYou really think so little of me. Youre sitting with the rest of your clan in the back of a wagon and are staring at the giant of a man that is Hestus. He stares back at you, eyes glowing red, and then his face turns even redder. Yes, you really think so little of me. Then you suddenly realize its a poor one. But Im giving you a choice of two paths, so which do you prefer. Choose wisely, and you may wish to seek revenge in this life or in the next. The giant opens his mouth and something comes out in one large piece. This causes some of the soldiers to look and then some of them to scream and point to you. I coulda killed him, but I was busy with that witch you killed in the swamp before, so instead I gave him this. He holds out his fist and the hand shoots forth into the hand of the soldier who was pointing. S see what you can do, orc. The orc lets go and then lets go of your hand in disgust. Orcs are the only ones who can do such things. You look at the giant and he looks down at his hand and back at you. I mean, I can either stay here and do nothing or I can leave, go look up some magic items here. Youre trying to decide which is a better course of action. Well you could go up to the upper floor and look around, but the upper levels are generally off limits. T really like a place to look for magic items.

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