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M going to make sure you all get that plus more. You take a deep breath and say Very well. If you have any objections, then you can get them now. M going to go over the proposal again right now. Ll discuss the details later, but for now I want you all to give me your unanimous approval or you can try to shoot me in the back later. The men look at each other and go back to helping their fellow comrades. In our language this means you agree to serve the Empire of Man. Re not getting free food and no pay. Re getting nothing until we complete the job. Re also not just getting paid, but also getting treated very well. But what you are offering is a far greater honor. You and your friends are getting a chance to be heroes. You are also getting a very nice welcome back present. Ll be able to use this one of a kind weapon named the Red Axe. S a very exclusive and valuable weapon and it goes to the winner of this battle. M giving you a chance to join the Red Axe Legion. You need to step up and take this chance. Your friends are still there, just like those dumb kids.

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