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Article about Meanest celebrities in person

You leave without another word and head down the street and back to the car. As you exit the house you wonder if you should tell anyone about this. Ve left the garage and are now back at the road. S the one that took you to your house in the first place. T have very much time to react when this Camaro slams on its breaks and hits you. Not knowing what to do, you just get out of the way of the crash and run back to the car and get in it. Re still on your phone, because right at that moment the driver of the other car swerves to avoid the Camaro crash, and then you hear the Camaro backfire, which causes the other car to swerve out of the way. You say and then another thought occurs to you. You run all the way home and when you get to home you collapse on the couch. T even know what the hell is happening to you or if you have the strength to get up and go to the bathroom. T call up your Mom like you were planning to. You quickly start to doze off, when you suddenly think about it again and you call up your Mom.

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