I died for beauty

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You a Tomb GuardThe only good ghoul is one that learns from its mistakes, I suppose you could say. Anyway, my name is The Great Lich Lord, Ral. A very powerful one, but one that still has a lot of life in me. And I shall make many more You have no objections to being called a vampire, but youre not inclined to get into all that ancient history right now. Ill call you whatever you want to be. All Im going to ask is that you remember me. Weve had a few different people calling themselves The Great Lich Lord over the years, and Im sure it would be easy to just say I am the Great Lich Lord and that would be enough, wouldnt it. You dont want to bother adding or this is the Great Lich Lord. Now would you be so kind as to just do that for me. Hmmm, well then it would seem you have a very stubborn nature. I will admit, you have a good reason not to be called a vampire. Very briefly, anyway, the Great Lich Lord begins. Im still a human, you say in a flat tone. So are so many other human beings who have lost their lives in stupid wars, or in conflicts they had no hand in starting. This will be the first time weve met, so lets get to know each other. Youve certainly come a long way since I first saw you. The Great Lich Lord walks towards you, and you grab one of his hands, lifting him up. Its quite warm, and despite how old he is, he doesnt look frazzled. As he stands up, you take your other hand and place it on his shoulder, looking him right in the eye. We are all very eager to do so. If its not too much trouble, could you help me out here. We have a room, as well as beds, and food, and a small library. I can ask someone else to look after the room while Im gone, and I can go and see if there are books and such in the.

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