I created this collection to work on all skin types and beauty goals…

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Youre just one of a thousand souls that created this collection. You dont like the selectionNo, you like the selection. Your eyes are drawn upward and youre not sure why. You take a deep breath and raise your arms and feel the air rush to your lungs. You open your eyes slowly and see the sky. Its very early in the morning and its cloudy, but theres a bright sunshine to brighten it up. You yell grabbing the bed sheets and tossing them away. You sit up and grab your phone. You hear a creak and you go to the door to check who it could be. You hear a voice calling out Doors open. S when you grab your keys and open the door. Ve been sleeping on the couch with one arm draped over it and a book nearby. You immediately look down and realize that your arm is horribly burnt. Jesus Christ, you were up all night. S about goddamn time I woke up to deal with some shit. T know all the shit that goes on in the basement. If we found out where someone was staying, we could probably break in and get them. Ve been keeping to yourself the whole week. Re not quite as fucked in the head as you thought you were. S the fact that you got all these bombs.

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