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This article about Celebrities that dip

Anonymous 052115, Wed, 11:06:21 PM No. So youd rather be known in the thread as a slutty fuck toy than a good girl. Anonymous 052115, Wed, 11:11:01 PM No. I just discovered these two a few days ago and I didnt see this. Anonymous 052115, Wed, 11:13:22 PM No. 101840 101834I didnt know any of you were into that IRL. I was just wondering whether or not you were into online daddies and daddies for virtual ones and you werent. I didnt know any of you were into that IRL. Anonymous 052115, Wed, 11:17:33 PM No. You dont have any friends online because youre so socially awkward. You dont know how to interact with people, even girls, and you also dont have any good pictures to show them of how you really look like, it would probably be bad to make some retarded fanfiction with all of them so you dont have a picture of real you. You dont want a real girlfriend because youre scared of being so close to her that youll just fall for her and then the cycle will start again, in real life.

Article about Celebrities that dip