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Ve been so used to using concealer and eyeshadow for your under eye area that you just put it all over your face, which makes it look very patchy and washed out. You run the brush over your face and use it like a fine brush to blend the concealer into your face. You keep blending until the concealer is evened out and blended into your skin to look flawless. By the time you finish, you feel exhausted. You pat it in all over and make sure everything looks even and covered with the foundation. T see her but you still have faith and are still ready to go out again. She says with a smile and steps forward to kiss you. You take her hand and take a seat in your living room. You start the TV and turn on the channel with news on it and the soothing music on it. You go over to the coffee table and sit next to her. You look at her face for a moment before getting comfortable on the coffee table with the legs up and wrapping your arms around her. You keep your eyes closed and try to tune out the noise around you. T feel anything except your heart pounding and beating faster. T getting any oxygen to your brain, just your blood with the oxygen being provided by her. You finally start to feel safe enough to get to the important part.

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