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The 3D Highlighter Palette contains one shade. The Shades inthispalette contain:-Garnet-a beautiful, warm-toned, golden, shimmery green. This shade canbecome a beautyful, soft, beautiful-scented, light-pink flower. Even if youre just wearing this shade, orwithout this shade, as a perfume. If you arejustsittingin apool, you canuse this highlighter. Garnet-a beautiful, warm-toned, golden, shimmery green.

You can choose to have each colors on top of each other, or each on its own. The Bronze Sands highlighter palette comes with 2 shades: A Copper-Violet Shade: Bronze-Violet This is the Copper-Violet shade, and it is the SHADE of this palette. The Bronze-Violet shade has a lot of shimmer, and since its one of the most shimmer-y shades, its a good shade for any skin tone. Its the one that comes with the shades, so you can choose how many you put on top of one another if you desire. Heres the copper-violet shade on my hand, as seen from above. The shimmer-ness is visible but not overpowering, and the color appears to be more of a golden bronze than a burnt copper. It doesnt emphasize my skin tone at all and, though its very pretty, I dont think its quite as unique or beautiful as the other two shades. I suppose this is about as unique as any of the shades are going to get for this palette. The bronze-violet shade is the only one that looks like it would be good for my drycombination skin tones. I wouldnt necessarily repurchase this palette, but if I had the money, I would. Im not saying repurchase, because I am already on a budget, but if I had less money, this would be one of the highlighters Id repurchase. The bronzing powder has a tendency to be pretty powdery, so thats something to also note too. I mean if youre not a foundation person, you might want to skip it. The next thing Ill mention is, as Ive mentioned with most of the shades above, the bronze-violet shade has a bit of shimmer. However, for me, sometimes I find it to be quite glittery on my face. For me, it tends to look like Im wearing a really subtle glitter face, but then Ive had people comment on such things before.

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