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The United States has a long and checkered history with alcohol and the way people consume it. We have a government drug testing program run by the Office of National Drug Control Policy as well as a prohibitionary era. Today, alcohol is one of the most widely used and abused drugs in all of the worlds countries. As such, it has a few common uses that we as a society have come up with. It can be used to relax in an environment that wouldnt otherwise be enjoyable. There is even literature which claims that the legalization of marijuana would lead to a decrease in violence as more people would be able to enjoy their activities. A majority of the public feels that it would be better if someone with a medical issue could use marijuana instead of having to purchase it from a legal source like a dispensary. Federal law states that you cant sell it or even possess it. Because of this, it isnt an option for treating diseases or curing illnesses. The government and companies are trying to find ways of re-criminalizing it in order to reduce crime and stop the increase in violent crime and drug use. This drug may be a social taboo and is viewed to be less fun than alcohol, but it is a very useful drug in that it alleviates many ailments such as nausea. It would be nice if the government could legalize the marijuana industry too, or at least tax it to help fund the war on drugs. It is more commonly used in the drug scene, but it is also abused and can lead to overdose. It was used for several purposes, but it is most used as the drug of choice for gang conflicts, money laundering, and just being a way for poor people to get high. Cocaine has not been used as a main healing herb of any kind and is only used in some countries to make it seem more prestigious. In the United States, there is a law against selling cocaine. In order for the government to see the value in this drug, it should be legalized so that cocaine can be sold as well as taxed or even legalized. The government should be able to come up with a way of taxing companies who manufacture and sell these drugs for a profit. This drug should be regulated more so that it cant be abused by a group of people and to make sure its quality doesnt become a joke. The government should be able to provide these drugs that can save peoples lives in a way that they dont have to risk their lives in a war or get kidnapped. Some people think it would be better if it was regulated so it couldnt be abused by the public and should be sold only to those who are in a position to provide for a family.

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