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If the celebrities is not responding to your messages, then write about their show that you have been watching or write about them in a newspaper they usually read. Write about their private life, their relationship with their friends, their personal life. Try to be real and not put anything in writing that you dont. You email Celebrities agentsThe first few emails you send are going to feel like an attack from some dark, shadow force, but youve gotten the impression that the more positive emails are going to reach the right person and you will have to put up with the negativity eventually. You spend the next few days gathering information on who the right person is. You search the names of the celebrities by name in the Yellow Pages or the official website of the TV show theyre starring in. When you find it on the website, you search for their official phone number. When you reach the phone number, you type in their real phone number and the website automatically sends them your message with an automated voice. They automatically receive your message to contact them through their contact page and respond. Its actually a pretty smooth process; in fact, it makes you believe the computer is real. Year 25Hey Bobby, can you come pick me up from my grandmas house tomorrow morning. We left a couple of hours ago, but she suddenly told me she was going to have to watch the kids or something as she had to help feed the chickens or something and wouldnt be home until late. Were still a little too early tomorrow for her to do that, so Im going to be staying with my grandma for the night. You can come pick me up after school if you want. Bobby is already driving when he answers your call, which is weird since you cant remember him ever calling you to say goodbye. It wasnt as if you didnt want to see Bobby. However, you dont remember him doing anything else except leaving without saying goodbye, which made it even worse. You wait and see what happensHey Bobby, do you think youll be able to come pick me up tomorrow morning. Bobbys voice isnt as excited as it usually sounds when hes talking to you on the phone. Im going out this afternoon and then I have to go to work early tomorrow so I might not be able to get there by the time you get off work. Well, if that happens, Ill just be driving by myself. Well, okay, but I think Ill let you know if thats the case.

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