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You stay putYou cant stay, not ever. You suddenly feel the air leave you, like you were hit by a hammer. Then you feel your entire body go limp, and your eyes roll into the back of your head. You hear Amanda mutter beside you. Re falling into a black void that will never end. The world spins again, but in this moment you feel a great emptiness. T protect you from the emptiness that you feel. Your vision suddenly goes dark and the world spins again. Re staying here where she can never find you. She begs you to make her cum, and even begs you to let her cum while in this position. Re going to take her back to your basement and fuck her senseless. She is so confused and hurt by your actions, but after a while you convince her of your plan and then kiss her. She tells you that she loves you back, but that she wants this to be a temporary thing and she wants you to stay for good. You kiss her goodbyeShe wants to be with you forever, and you want to be with her forever.

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