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These are the top featured women in the video gaming video game industry. Vote on this list for the women at the top of our hearts. Your vote: Kate UptonOn Octo, the House of Representatives passed a resolution to authorize a war on ISIS. For more than a year, since President Obama first declared that the Islamic State, ISIS, was the most dangerous enemy that the United States would have to confront, the president has been using that term, but without specifying a particular enemy. The presidents speech in June 2014 calling ISIS an imminent threat was the last time he spoke of a specific foe, the Islamic State. In the following year, the Islamic State gained more territory. The number of its members grew to at least 20,000, and its ambitions were clearly stated in its propaganda. The United States, which had been at war with al Qaeda since 2001, has fought ISIS but it has not been engaged in a protracted and costly ground war against the Islamic State. At the time of the House resolutions passage, ISIS was fighting Iraqi and Kurdish forces who were trying to take back territory from the Islamic State. In the same month the resolution passed, the Islamic State attacked a military base near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, killing at least 100 soldiers and wounding over 200. ISIS is also attacking the Yezidis, a religious minority, which has been under attack by ISIS and, to a lesser extent, the Iraqi army. ISIS has declared a caliphate, an Islamic state, over territories it has captured. By taking the action I did, I am sending a message to this president that it is never too late to end the conflict with radical Islamic terrorism. In addition to authorizing military assistance to the Kurds, I am also authorizing the full support of our Intelligence Community and our diplomatic efforts to contain and defeat this enemy. Despite its defeat in Iraq, the Islamic State does not cease to pose a threat to the United States. In addition, the Islamic State has its tentacles in Africa and in Asia, where it is using the Internet, which the United States has targeted, to threaten the United States, its interests and its allies. In May 2015, I said that the Islamic State was planning dozens of attacks in the United States. Last October, I said that the Islamic State was developing a plot to bomb a passenger jet. That same month, I said the Islamic State was launching rocket and mortar attacks on Kurdish troops in northern Iraq and on a border post with.

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