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The same young women who become your girlfriends. D like to marry one of these women. D be one of a few women with a famous husband. D have a beautiful future ahead of you with these women and a few children of your own. D probably have to marry their agent to do it. You see several pretty young women in their late teens and early twenties, some of them your age, and each with a celebrity boyfriend. These young women probably work jobs that leave them free to date. T know any of them, but they might give you a few pointers on how to be a good wife to your husband. The one you had a relationship with when you were younger. S an actress currently starring in a television show. S never been anywhere near you. You think back on some of the things you had to do to get her attention. Hey, do you know where we could find a hotel room for the weekend. You say and the other girl looks at you as if you just asked her out on a blind date. T actually run any hotels in this city. Just a regular person that gets hotels for a living. S more like a super fancy place that has lots of rooms. The rooms will be close enough to my home that I can just drop in from time to time. This girl is about your age, about the same age as you were when you had your relationship with your college girlfriend. You remember how she found it difficult to get you to talk to her on a regular basis.

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