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She came to America in 1994 to study at the University of North Carolina. A girl that sounds like you is doing her own thing. Your dad is still dead, you know that, but now you also know that the day that you actually left was the day your powers became present to the world. Ve even done good things like help that punk get a new car. This week of events has brought out all of your worst traits. S a place she saw on the list, but was on her way there a minute ago so she took the shorter cut. D like to see her one last time so you decide to go with her and the plan is for you to get a ride back to your place. T bother to look back into your house and continue along the street where you see a few cars pull over for a block party of some sort. You see a bunch of teens on bikes with their moms or some other older woman in a pink dress dancing in the middle of the street in front of them which catches your attention.

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