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On a related note, I highly recommend you add your own list here. KevanOn a related note, I highly recommend you add your own list here. I especially like the one for hot girl celebrities. Kevan Kevans ListThanks so much Kevan, and thanks for doing this. You go with the same thing you did yesterday, but with less hot womenYou head over to the buffet and order a grilled cheese, two hamburgers, small fries and a drink. You then get a couple of trays of salad, a hotdog, a cheeseburger and a drink. As youre finishing up, you hear a knock at the door. You go out and open the door, which opens to see a young man who seems to be dressed just like you. His eyes are very green, and he is sporting a very dirty t-shirt and jeans. If he werent dressed so dirty, you wouldnt recognize him as belonging to one of the citys numerous homeless shelters. Um, you say, as you realize that youre talking to the same person and not just some random stranger. Good to meet you, you say, taking his hand and shaking it. Um, Ive been having some difficulty getting by on money, and Ive been watching this place and I want to get back on track here and buy stuff. Um, how much would you like to pay per item. You tell him the cheapest thing on the menu for five dollarsFive dollars. You say, before you think better of yourself and apologize. Yeah, yeah, I thought the five dollars was a good starting point. What did you say your last name was. I see a lot of people wearing jackets here.

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