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Just like your first lover Bela. Well then shes definitely your girlfriend. But then you think of this whole believe in yourself thing, and how stupid you are for just blindly blindly believing in yourself. You need a strong man in your life to guide you. If the whole Belgrade thing has shown you one thing, its that you need more guidance, not less. Ll start sending them out this week. He says as he closes the door and you feel his presence disappear. If you really want to be free then the only way to do it is to do it yourself. People and you explain to them the whole Belgrade thing. Are we going to stay in town and try to live the normal life. Will we all go back to our previous lives and become street corner punks trying to make enough money to buy heroin and beer. I am going to live outside the town and live by myself. Ve got all your friends with you. You grab an old folding chair you have and sit on it. Most dressed in a similar fashion as you did, with the exception of one guy who has a leather jacket and motorcycle helmet on.

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