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You can help us by expanding it, providing additional information or even just improving this stub. It may contain little, or none, of the actual text from the game itself. BobbyA man with a large, black beard and a mustache. He has a tattoo on one arm that reads ZOMG on it. A woman with tattoos on each arm that appear to be a skull with crossbones, a skull with lightning bolts, and a lightning bolt with a spider on another bolt. He has a big black beard and a big mustache, in the shape of a skull with lightning bolts and spiderwebbing. He wears a skull shirt and a tie and his braids are as thick as an axe mans. BobbyA tattooed tattooed tattoo on the forehead, on the B in Bobby is a lightning bolt. He wears glasses that stick out a lot. In-Game DescriptionBobby Character Type Non-Combatants Gender Male Race Human Location, s, Monument ValleyBobby is a non-player character and a strange, creepy guy. Contents showBackgroundBobby spends most of his time with the tattoos that decorate his body and a large tattoo of an arrow ZOM. AppearanceBobby is muscular and tall, unlike the average-sized man, but not so tall that he doesnt blend into the scenery. PersonalityBobby is a lonely, introverted man with a large number of tattoos and other odd tattoos. EquipmentBobby carries a baseball bat, which he uses to help scare away the monsters in Monument Valley. He also has a wrench on his right side that he uses to open doors and break things. He wears a shirt with Bobby on the front and left sleeve and short shorts. BugsIn the English version of the game, he is completely silent. He does not utter a single word. Im a kid from the Midwest, the son of a coal miner, and they didnt even send it. Jack NicholsonsrcThe Great Gatsby, also written as The Great Gatsby or simply The Great Gatsby, is a 1939 novel by F. The novel tells the story of Jay Gatsby, a New York millionaire who inherits a vast fortune from his father, a wealthy but mentally unstable entrepreneur. Written by Fitzgerald while he was in the early stages of depression, The.

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