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Popculturehunks, on at 12:38pm PDTSelena Gomez, of all the stars weve seen on the red carpet, the last to pull their hair out, the last to take a selfie, and the most likely to pull a woman on the street, drag her to the bathroom and then go I forgot my keys is the one that has left the most impact on our hearts. Its evident in her music, where Me and Your Mama perfectly captures the kind of emotions we feel when were in the throes of passion. Its also apparent in her acting, where her performance of the character of April Reign in Jane the Virgin, a role in which she was nominated for a Golden Globe, has left us spellbound. It sounds like nothing short of a victory lap, as she recently released another hit music video in which she dresses up as Elsa in Disneys Frozen, rides on top of an inflatable snowman, and gives a heart-to-heart to baby Olaf. The video has already been watched an estimated one billion times. Its a good thing that she seems to be embracing the positive aspects of her life. The negative aspects, were sure, havent completely left. I just want to stop being an attention whore. Popculturehunks, on at 9:41am PSTYou probably want to know what weve been up to lately, so click here to find out. And if youd like to see more of your favorite stars, subscribe to People to catch their latest Red Carpet arrivals. And if youre still feeling down, weve got you covered. Weve got an app for all your problems. Click here to get People to help you get through these trying times. Read More – Selena Gomez is the King of HotnessPentagon officials said that the decision was made after an assessment of the security situation, which included the threat from al-Qaeda in the region, particularly from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which is based in Yemen. Yemen has suffered a period of upheaval, with a civil war pitting the countrys internationally recognized government, the national government of exiled President Ali Abdullah Sale.

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