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Mp3 Category: general posted at: 3:00am EDTHHR 061: A Day In The Life In which a day in the life in the world of Hollywood: a lot of things change, in fact a lot of things stay the same. Id like to talk about that, so have some fun. First, the world of Hollywood is a big place – and in this series Ill be going to a lot of places, so your mileage may vary. Second, Ill make no secret of the fact that Im a very opinionated man, and not in an overly aggressive way. I just have opinions, and I think you should have something to say as well. And whats more interesting – maybe Ill be able to change your mind for good. So please, dont be afraid to disagree with me. Youll find that Im usually very friendly and agreeable to a conversation. :, Third, I think its important to be yourself on this journey, so you should treat this as your chance to be you. You dont have anything to prove, and I know youve got something to say about something. Fourth, I realize that this will be a multi-part series, so in order to make it as easy to read as possible, Ill be making use of bullet points to make the text easier to follow. In most tweets, as well as to identify you and your contributions. :, The Beginning Of Things:You wake up in a room made entirely out of mirrors, which is just the way you like it. Me: Cry babies look like the reflection of themselves in mirrors. Me: Because, when youre in a bad mood, I can see you. You: You cant fucking trick me. Me:, sigh, You:, sigh, You:, sigh, Me:, sigh, You:, sigh, Me:, sigh, You:, sigh, You:, sigh, You.

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