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No, there are a lot of women here that are here for the men. This is something you have never experienced before as a woman before. You had thought you were different, however, only a few people have even seen you before as a woman. There must have been women who worked in the same office as you, though. You never thought anything like this would happen. The next day, you and your fellow actresses are all gathered in the conference room. This is the first time you have all gathered up in one room. Everyone is a little surprised to see each other. Why are we all here, and what do we have to discuss. You turn your head and see an Asian man in his late 40s wearing a business suit. His hair is auburn and combed back in an attempt to hide its long, blond side. It is most peculiar that I should speak to you all under these circumstances. There is no way to continue the company under this current management. We are all tired, and the project is not successful. He nods his head, Yes, and those marriages are not as happy as you would think. His wife sits behind him and speaks softly to you. But, its hard to do anything together, its like, the project is always breaking down. These women look at each other and then look at you. You know your plan is not going to be successful. You are tired, and not used to this type of work. You attempt to get the children out of the projectI cant do this anymore. You are not going to leave your kids in this type of project. We have been having problems with your other company. The money thats been spent on that company will not be used for this project anymore. If we are successful, we need to be able to make a living. His wife looks at you with sadness in her eyes. We have to find a new way to make money. You and your colleagues say nothing for a moment. I cannot give up my children to work under these conditions.

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