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You keep quiet about your secretYou dont speak to anybody about your secret, you just say that you have HIV and you have to live with it. Its not like you can stop living, since you just have to get on with your life and deal with it. You just hope nobody comes looking for you because that would be very bad. In the meantime you live your normal life for about a year. You dont really have any problems with other people; you even find that you have to be a little more polite with strangers. Still, its not like you can go out and do things that you usually do and you also feel a little isolated. Eventually you realize that youre not going to be able to continue living this way because you do still have feelings for Jennifer. So, you decide to tell her about your secret. She has a tough time accepting that you have to die from AIDS, but she accepts that its real and she still loves you. Its a little scary at first, but you manage to get through it and she accepts you. You stay with her for some time until one day when youre sitting at a table drinking coffee, you hear a knock on the doorWhat. Its me, Im sorry to bother you in the middle of your work, but I have something to talk to you about. When youre a little confused about who this person is, you ask why theyre bothering you who doesnt want to be seen by anybody right now. You open the door and they enter the room, still being very nervous, but you smile and pat the side of their heads for them to calm down. You say as you point to a chair and seat yourself. This is the first time you have actually had this much contact with any other person. No one has seen you for quite some time now and youve actually been thinking about why you havent seen anyone. S been very private ever since you found out you had HIV.

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