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They are mostly male and celebrates their passions with their children. Youre in complete shock and completely at a loss for words and you can barely process what youre seeing on this screen. You can almost feel the tears in your eyes as you read the words. This is it; the day that youve been waiting for as a parent for so long. You press play and the music begins playing and you feel a sense of contentment wash over you. You begin taking a daily walk with your son to the park. Youre so much more grounded than you were before; you can actually enjoy your time together. You dont have to spend time with other people, you only have to go for a short time, however it feels so long. Youve enjoyed the day with him and you realize that perhaps you arent completely a bad person after all. You dont mind spending time with him and you can at least understand how he feels now. You just hope you can make it through your parenting journey without ending up in jail for child abandonment. A couple days later, you return home from work and see him staring at a screen of some sort. He is staring at a movie that has been dubbed into foreign language, for which he doesnt even know the words. He isnt old enough to make his own decisions. Im sorry, you dont want to see it, you say. You say No, I want you to watch it with me. You agree, but you will watch it alone. You leave it on but leave the remote in your pocket. You dont leave it aloneNo, I want you to watch it alone. You leave it alone and you return later. Ill be back later, I have to check my email on my computer but Ill be back, you say and then you leave. He is happy with this arrangement and does not say anything else. You get the impression that he is simply used to you being a pushy parent. You arent sure that this is a bad thing or not but, you have a feeling that that this is something that you will have to address with him on a regular basis.

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