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PThis is the fourth in a series of blog posts on personality research and the study of celebrities. To read previous posts in this series, please visit: The Personality-Type Questionnaire, Pi-Type Questionnaire, P-Type Questionnaire, PF-Type Questionnaire, and PF-Type Scale, is a widely used screening measure for assessment of creativity, intelligence, and emotional functioning in normal individuals and individuals with intellectual, mental health, or neurodevelopmental disorders. 1,2 It is based on a questionnaire in which 15 specific areas of the personality are measured on a 5-point scale. 3 The P-type questionnaire is used in research on the relationship of creativity, intelligence, and emotional development to cognitive functioning. 4,5 The P-type questionnaire is frequently used for research into the development of the P-type personality. The P-type questionnaire can be divided into the following four main components:, 1, Five broad domains of personality: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness to Experience 2, Five smaller dimensions reflecting distinct areas of cognitive functioning:, a, Emotional Stability:, 1, alexithymia, emotionally immature, 2, reactive depression 3, reactive anxiety 4, reactive aggression 5, negative affectivity 6, positive affectivity, b, Perceptual Organization:, 1, visual imagery 2, verbal imagery 3, musical imagery 4, mathematical imagery 5, spatial imagery, c, Affect Regulation:, 1, positive affect 2, negative affect 3, fear 4, anxiety, d, Performance Control:, 1, inhibition of behavior 2, inhibition of emotional responses 3, attention regulation 4, working memory 5, attentional set shifting, e, Psychomotor Response:, 1, speed and accuracy 2, accuracy over range 3, speed and accuracy over time, f, Perceptual Efficiency:, 1, perceptual organization 2, perceptual awareness 3, awareness over range 4, awareness over time, g, Neuropsychological Function:, 1, executive attention 2, attentional set shifting 3, working memory 4, cognitive flexibility, h, Motor Performance:, 1, coordination, ability to sustain a coordinated motion, 2, hand-eye coordination 3, muscle coordination 4, coordination over range 5, coordination over time, 2, The remaining four dimensions reflect a general tendency to be emotionally unstable, neurotic, or anxious and.

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