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I didnt even really want to have a conversation about real estate or celebrity homes or anything. I just wanted to get drunk and post something stupid and then go home. This has been a common theme the past couple of months, So heres your final verdict on HGTV. If you really must see how stupid it is, you can go to and then sit there for seven hours staring at a loop of stupid. You open a bottle of Patron Silver, sit back and relax. After about half an hour of watching your pathetic screen presence on HGTV, you suddenly get a text message from Brian. Hes about to buy a house and is wondering if you want to come with him. A few hours later Brian texts you:Im so glad were going to be friends. Youll be there for me every step of the way. As the morning arrives, you get your first real taste of real estate. You look around the show home and get a better feel for it. You go on a tour of the neighborhood, which looks a little more interesting than the place you just were at but then thats to be expected. You start to make a mental note of all the houses you pass in the area that might make good houses. You figure theyre usually pretty expensive so youll be able to afford two of them. You take in the view of the yard for a little bit, then go check Twitter, hoping that Rachel is still there. You really dont want to miss another day of this. After a good five hours on the show, you decide you dont want to waste anymore time. You decide to just make a list of all the houses in the area you want to see. Hopefully youll see something when you check on Twitter. You start scrolling through the list that comes up. As you scroll through, you get a little distracted by the houses, but you eventually make it to your destination. Youre a little surprised to see a white pick-up truck parked out front, but as you get closer, it begins to become obvious that its Joshs.

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