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While you didnt realize it, you and Scarlett had a deal. You continue your relationshipYou didnt think your relationship would lead to anything, but you did. You made a mistake with Scarlett, and youre going to correct it. You kissed her on the cheek, and apologized profusely. Well, I guess Ill see a bunch of people in your room later tonight and be on my phone all day. Yeah, I figured you might be depressed about losing the competition. Well if you have time, Id like to meet your fans. Im usually in my room in my room on my phone, so just dont text me when you come over, okay. You and Scarlett left the tent together as you continued to talk. Ive never heard the other one sing. And thats why theyre all singing Sweet Home Alabama and stuff. Anyway, Im sure most of them will be down for a party if we invite you in. You made your way into the house, looking around excited about tomorrow. The next day, you didnt meet a single person. In fact, your phone was off the hook so you didnt have any messages either, which you probably wouldve sent. This was weird, but you wondered if maybe something was wrong with the phone. You had it plugged into your laptop, which mustve had the charger on top of it. You went out into the dining room to see if your phone was dead or something, but you didnt find that it was. You checked it for like an hour or so, but couldnt see anything was wrong. Perhaps you wouldve had one person that texted after you had met, but you didnt. You tried to message the person on the list, and they were out of the area. In fact the list itself didnt have anyone you wanted to message. You continue your relationshipThis is getting harder and harder to do, but you were happy with the person you were with, and you just couldnt help it. Whats the point in asking someone out, then having to go through all the stress and trouble of them not responding to your advances. Maybe it wasnt the best idea to approach someone you werent in love with.

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