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Re on the verge of tears after you see just how many celebrities there actually are, and how many there have been in the past. S not my job to answer your questions, just go back to whatever you were doing and finish your beer. Re doing that you suddenly recall an old acquaintance of yours. You pick up the telephone receiver and hear the familiar ringing tone. You never expected to hear from your wife ever again. T even been divorced for a few years yet. T say that this has been easy, but we have been able to put the past behind us. Sigh, I have to tell you though, we ARE in dire need of money. Re going to have to talk to your accountant or lawyer about this. I know, but this really is the best I can do. T afford to lose any of my money. I just wish there was something I could do to help. M not a binge drinker or anything, I watch what I eat and I try to keep out of trouble in general. I need to do something more rewarding than cleaning up after parties.

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