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Christinas parents allowed her to be homeschooled for a few reasons; firstly, she was always interested in books, and thus, she really enjoyed learning things. Secondly, she was always popular, She used to have a boyfriend called Ben hence, she didnt have to deal with other kids bullying her and being mean to her. Thirdly, she thought she was too smart for the rest of the kids to mess with, hence, she could be safe. Theres still another factor here, doesnt this one sound kind of odd. Theres a reason why some famous people choose to homeschool their kids. Theres a reason why the likes of Oprah, David Beckham, John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, and many more people are all homeschooled. They have the option to homeschool their kids because they have the knowledge and have the skills to do so. And thats why its all the more surprising that Christina doesnt take advantage of homeschooling as she claims. While there are a lot of benefits to homeschooling, it doesnt guarantee you any success in the long run, because of the factors mentioned earlier. Theres also the fact that shes never stated her goals in the media. I mean, how does a homeschooled celebrity make a name for themselves. So this leaves us with nothing but the theory that Christina is just an ordinary normal person who happens to have some amazing genes, however, I wouldnt really put it so negatively. Its probably like when a parent homeschools their child, theyve seen some shit that a normal person wouldnt be able to. Theyre probably going through a similar thing. In Christinas case, shes definitely more popular than most other kids her age. Even her boyfriend doesnt seem to be bothered about it. I suppose in the big scheme of things, its not a big deal, given the fact that she happens to be famous. So if shes having a boyfriend, theres a high possibility that her boyfriend is also homeschooled, which would explain why shes so popular. I suppose that could be a source of jealousy and insecurities on the part of her boyfriend. Or hes actually not homeschooled and thats why hes having troubles with some of the popular kids. That being said, you arent actually homeschooling your kid on purpose, no matter how you picture it. Its a necessity for various reasons, but most of them have nothing to do with your daughter. So yes, she might be popular, but shes not the only one. In the same vein, if you really want to be an eccentric celebrity parent, then by all means go ahead. Im sure your daughters fame will make her life easier as her life as.

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