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The fact that this list is only based on real women is what makes it so perfect. The reason Im writing the above-mentioned explanation is that it makes me laugh. And yet what the heck are you, some sort of pop star. Why yes, I am indeed a pop star. Now tell me, how much do you make from your music. For the past fifteen years I have been trying to convince myself that I am not a celebrity, even though I really am and that I am just a pop star. But I guess its time for me to accept my status. And then there is the real question: Have I been living a normal life. You did, you just didnt want to knowIt is true that it was a real problem. As soon as I started the next chapter in my life, I left the house, and never came back. As you can see, the real world is very different from the fantasy world of pop stars. Of course, if you could see this place in a dream, you would understand. The fantasy world of stars, which is supposed to make us more free than we would be in the real world, is nothing but a nightmare. It is too much to ask to live your life in total relaxation. The only way of living in a world full of stars and nothing else, is in a permanent twilight and the nightmare of depression. The only possible consolation is to live in the world of stars, and that is the only place where one can be happy. The only thing I am saying is that your real world troubles are a bit excessive. I would guess that you just went through a breakup, and that in a month you are going to have to spend time with your mother. Its no fun with a stranger around, and you dont have a lot of time. You might not want to, and thats okay. But I would also like to tell you something. There are some things about the real world that are completely wrong. Things you should never try to understand. Here is what can never be explained:The idea of the free will. Well, you might, but I bet you have a hard time imagining that the universe is completely random and you are merely its slave.

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