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Here, are photos of celebrities who have twins andor are having, or both. To dweebin sent 14 hours ago One of the more common questions we get on these lists is when do celebs have their twinstriplets. The time when they actually have them is a subject of more speculation. We figured it would be a good time to address that and to point out what some of the stars have actually said, and what others have speculatedreported. You wait until MayYou wait until May, you have to be really good, I cant tell if youre just being coy or what. There is a lot of speculation going on, so the more you wait the better. You waitingYou wait until May, but youre not going to act smug, because youre taking a gamble. You dont want things to drag out too long, so start off slow. By now you know that a lot of people are waiting for the same day. If you were on the list, youd be very surprised. But since youre not, and you dont think you will be, you move on to September. You wait until October, and youre starting to get suspicious. November, December, you start to wonder if you made the right decision. No one has contacted you, no one has gotten back to you about the list. You start to think about it, and come to the conclusion youre not going to get anything out of this. You come to the conclusion that if you dont get something out of this list, youre going to just get mad and never do another list again, ever. You move onYoure getting frustrated, this was supposed to be fun, but you havent heard anything ever since you sent the email. Youre just going to move on and not participate in any more lists ever again. You make note that you want to wait until June, and then send your list in, but you dont hear anything back. Youve gotten so frustrated, you decide that you need to get better at this, so you stop sending in your lists. Your list never comes through, and after a bit of thought, you decide youre not going to send in another list ever again because you havent gotten anything out of it. Youre no longer doing these lists and youre ready to stop this hobby altogether.

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