He will be utterly humiliated Piers Morgan weighs in on huge moment for Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew ‘demands jury trial’ in civil sex case

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Piers Morgan’s political analysis was devoured by his 7.9 million followers, as he reacted to the news that Prince Andrew has agreed to undergo a public trial. Prince Andrew faces claims of sexual abuse from the then 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre. The Duke of York has denied all the allegations against him.

Prince Andrew can’t possibly settle this case now…stakes are massive

Piers Morgan

“Huge moment in this saga,” Piers declared in his latest Twitter update.

“Prince Andrew can’t possibly settle this case now after such a strong blanket denial of any wrongdoing & demand for a full trial.

“If he does, he will be utterly humiliated.

“But the trial itself will have the same result if he loses. Stakes are massive.”

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Virginia Giuffre’s case includes a photo of herself pictured with him, in which she was smiling.

However the knowledge of Andrew’s public friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein appeared to be the final nail in the coffin of public opinion, with many turning against him.

Photos have shown himself and Epstein together after the latter was found guilty of wrongdoing, raising questions about why the royal would continue to associate himself with someone involved in sex trafficking of minors.

However, Andrew has maintained that the purpose of the meeting was to break off the friendship.

He denies any suggestion of wrongdoing and in court files, has claimed he was not close with Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine has been found guilty of sex trafficking underage girls which her partner is said to then have abused.

Lawyers for the royal figure released a statement saying: “Prince Andrew hereby demands a trial by jury on all causes of action asserted in the complaint.”

Andrew is facing the trial as a private citizen, after he relinquished his royal titles in the wake of the legal battle.

Piers now suggests the only way to restore his shattered reputation is to be acquitted by a court.

@Rogers_Tim2006 weighed in a reply to Piers, commenting: “Won’t a 6 person jury need to be unanimous in its decision to find him guilty?

“That may not be that easy.”

Meanwhile @akurbafc dismissed: “He had no option but a full trial, this is just PR bravado to look like he is taking the initiative.”

@Playmistie4me then hit back: “A trial where both can be cross examined is better than trial by media.”

@RobertFingleton added: “Innocent until proven guilty!”, a phrase that demonstrates exactly why the next stage in the saga is so crucial for Andrew.

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