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You look at each other and the pair of you head towards a door to leave. Nate says as you step off the platform. Were leaving, now let me get us on that plane to Canada. You start to walk back down the platform, and then. Dont you think, theres something fishy about all this. As Nate keeps his eyes glued on you, he begins to look even creepier, like hes trying to tell you something. Okay, Im off, and Ill see yah later. Oh I live in a trailer park, I have to use this as a bathroom, theres a toilet over there and an outhouse over there. You look around and see that there is indeed a toilet brush and urinal, and a large, dirty, outhouse. What the fuck do you think this is, a trailer park. No it isnt, its my step daughters cousins house. Her and her boyfriend, Riley, got kicked out of the trailer park for being dirtbags. Theyre living here with her, but they need a place to stay until they figure out a way of getting off the goddamn grid, which they havent done yet. Where the hell did you get a trailer park. I mean, I assumed you were lying about everything, but not that. Youre not sure what comes next, but Nate doesnt say anything, he just holds his breath, and then the tunnel begins to close up. You take a look out into the tunnel. Theres another door, one you dont see. He cries, but of course you dont listen and you turn around and head back home, feeling like crap afterward, but knowing that you did the right thing. You stand outside the front door for what seems like forever, a mixture.

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